Kohl with its Merwed

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Kohl with its Merwed

If Kohl is primarily known as a cosmetic, it was first used for its medicinal properties. The Egyptians used it as eye drops to prevent and relieve eye infections, but also to protect the eyes from strong refraction of light that are émies by the desert sand.

Traditionally, the kohl is applied using a wooden stick called mirwed. After coating powder kohl, it slips between the two eyelids stick attached, and move back and forth, kohl emphasizes harmony eye or eyelid.

It gives the eyes a mysterious depth and luminosity. His dress is longer than a pencil.

In addition to being a cosmetic product, kohl has cleansing properties. If you have sore eyes due to wind or sun and you do not wear glasses, kohl make you great service.

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