Black Soap 200g

£9.00 (inc vat @20.00 %)

Black Soap  200g

The black soap is part of the traditional hammam ritual. It is obtained from a mixture of oil and crushed olives, soaked in salt and potash. In the nineteenth century it was used as a product of Dermatology and later became a real beauty tool for the body suitable for every type of skin. It prepares the skin for exfoliation. The skin will be softer and ready for a scrub. Combined with the action of the Kessa glove it will remove impurities and dead skin.

The soap is delicately scented with eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus helps relax the body and adds to the soap some antiseptic, antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties.

It also makes an excellent shave soap. It is so smooth and soft, it allows for a clean shave with no nicks or cuts. All natural, it is not an irritant to freshly shaved skin.

A perfect weekly beauty treatment for smooth, silky skin.

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